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COVID 19 NOTICE - We ARE still taking online orders and these will be despatched in line with our delivery times.

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These very popular and unique full-colour wheels have been developed so that they twist around to reveal the section you need at any one time.

They are a form of 'circular book' that avoids the need to flick through the contents of a normal book to find the page you require.

They have information on both sides of each section and have been developed with the aid and input of specialist professionals/authors.


Our standard DevelopmentWheels™ are simple to use and measure approx 230mm in diameter, so they are easy to carry around, and come laminated for a longer lifespan.

Scroll down this page to see the full range including communications wheels and those to support older children.

   Please 'scroll down' this page to view all of our DevelopmentWheels™ in the school age range.   Click on any of the pictures or links below to find out about that particular wheel 

NEW - Development Wheel 'sets'
As our portfolio of Development Wheels continues to grow, it can be hard working out which ones might be right for you. Some people choose to have a copy of each wheel, but for others certain versions will met your needs. We have therefore put together some suggested sets that you can purchase. You can also save money compared to individual purchase. Click here for details


Five to Twelve Years

Communications DevelopmentWheels™
series of four school-aged wheels (and one early years wheel)

Click here for info

Click here for info

We now have a full series of FIVE wheels
 covering birth to 18 years to complete the
all-ages series. Four of these cover school
 aged children. Click here for more info

Purchase any publications from stock - If you're not yet ready, for whatever reasons, to commit to 'customised' production, then we have individual copies of all of our wheels in stock for you to purchase. Maybe you want to see sample copies, to try a few copies, or you simply do not want to commit to 'branded' copies. Either way, you can buy online now or order copies using our order forms. Simply click on one of the wheels for more details and then follow the links on that page. Alternatively if you are a returning customer and would like to purchase a range of wheels now, please click here to go to our ONLINE PURCHASING PAGE, where you can buy all the individual copies you need from one web page.



NEW - Guide to Gardening


Designed to get you started. Use it with
children and colleagues to develop your
 outdoor space, or with family in your own
small garden. Click here for details.


Purchasing options
Organisations/authorities can buy the wheels in bulk and have them 'customised' with a logo and other contact details (see blue column below),
or they can be purchased individually.  There are three purchasing options - click here for more info.

Save up to 20%.
The price for a single copy is £4.99 including FREE post and packing (P&P). Wheels can be bought online at this price now through this website. If you would like several copies, you can save on the individual price by buying in packs of ten (save 10%) or boxes of 100 (save 20%). Click here for further info


Organisations/authorities can buy single or small quantities online (using the links to the right), or you can place an order  using an official local authority/government  purchase order. For those who would like to commission larger quantities, you can have your copies 'customised' with your own logo and contact details on (minimum quantity now only 100 copies) 

These 'customised' wheels will 'brand' the publication for use in your own community (for instance you may wish to have copies in each of your settings, in children's centres or to give to your registered childminders). This 'customised' option offers authorities/organisations the chance to save on the costs associated with the development and production of a new item like this, because all of the set up work has been done in terms of copywriting and editing, design, artwork, proofing and even the cutter guides to produce the wheel and rivet it together.

For organisations/authorities wishing to commission larger bulk 'customised' copies (1000+), discounts apply and your wheels will cost less than the retail price (RRP) of £4.99. Your wheels will be 'customised' by tailoring the back of the wheels with your own logo, contact details and colour scheme as per the samples shown here for Lancashire and Rutland Councils. To find out more and get a full price list click here or please contact us and we will get back to you to discuss your needs further. Please note that the minimum order for 'customised' wheels is 100 copies, but they can be well under £2.50 each  if you order a large bulk quantity, so this is a great chance to get hold of these wheels with your own details on at a very good price. Click HERE for details.


Delivery/schedule notice: We will always try to meet your needs in every way we can, but  'customised wheels' can take at least four working weeks to produce following the approval of your artwork. This is due to the complex manufacturing process, part of which is done manually to construct the wheels. In busy periods (such as Feb - April during the government financial year end) and for large quantities, production can take longer. Please therefore build in plenty of time in your schedule of needs to ensure we can meet your  timescales.  Sometimes we can get things done a bit quicker and we will always try, but the product is of a complex construction.


POSTAGE & PACKING NOTICE.  Great news!   Great news!    Great news!  ...
Please note: All of our publications/wheels are sent out securely is card envelopes or in boxes (dependant upon the quantity ordered) to protect your purchases. The costs shown on this site include P&P (& VAT where applicable), which not only covers postage, but also packing materials, admin and all PAYPAL and credit/debit card fees. 
To ensure a good reliable delivery service all orders are sent out by first class post or through a monitored national carrier. We are trying to keep all P&P costs to a minimum and so the 'drop down' menu's (above the 'add to cart' buttons) for each item on this page, allow you to order more than one copy of an item (or larger quantities if required) at a fixed cost to save on the P&P cost of ordering as individual purchases.

Our DevelopmentWheels™ are extremely popular and we've been asked many times if we can do small 'customised' quantities of any of our wheels with your logo on.
Well, now we can - and the minimum quantity is only 100 copies (it was 2000)

These could be great for use in individual centres, in children's settings or as a promotional tool for an event or to promote a service. Alternatively, should you require larger quantities, its possible to get 'customised' wheels much cheaper than the individual retail price (RRP) of £4.99 each. Click here for details.

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