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'integrated' 2 Year Progress Check DevelopmentWheel™  REF: DW11

This new 2 year progress check/review wheel is for practitioners to refer to and for use with parents and carers prior to the review     

This easy to use full-colour wheel twists around to reveal the section you need and has information on both sides.  

This wheel is based around the new EYFS and the progress that might be being made at 2 years old. One side of the wheel outlines the areas that might be covered within the eight aspects that sit within the three prime areas of learning, during the review. Each aspect is shown through a different section of the wheel. The reverse of each section carries some suggestions of what support adults can offer to develop children's learning at two to three years of age. A ninth section covers the additional areas that might be covered during an integrated 2 year review that might incorporate the health review

This simple to use one piece tool measures approx 230mm in diameter, so they are easy to carry around and all of the information contained within it was written by practitioners and early years advisors to ensure that it will meet the needs of not only practitioners, but also parents and carers.

The wheel is also ideal as a communications and information tool for giving to parents and carers prior to the review for help and assistance.


An information guide for practitioners and 
prior to the 2 year review

Organisations/authorities can buy the wheels in bulk or they can be purchased individually. There are significant savings for bulk purchases and these can be 'customised' with your logo and other details (see blue column below). The price for a single copy is £4.99 including free post and packing (P&P). Wheels can be bought online for this price now using the right hand column below.  There are savings on P&P for more copies.

Integrated Two-Year Review pack

To purchase the 2-year Progress check Development Wheel together with the 2 Year Health Review Resource in our 2-Year 'integrated' Review Pack, please click here. You will save money compared to buying the two individually.


Organisations/authorities can buy single or small quantities online (using the links to the right), but for those who would like to commission larger quantities, you can have your copies 'customised' with your own logo and contact details on (minimum quantity now only 100 copies) 

These 'customised' wheels will 'brand' the publication for use in your own community (for instance you may wish to have copies in each of your settings, in children's centres or to give to your registered childminders).

he 'customised' option offers authorities/organisations the chance to save on the costs associated with the development and production of a new item like this, because all of the set up work has been done in terms of copywriting and editing, design, artwork, proofing and even the cutter guides to produce the wheel and rivet it together.

For organisations/authorities wishing to commission larger bulk 'customised' copies (1000+), discounts apply and your wheels will still cost less than the retail price of £4.99. Your wheels will be 'customised' by tailoring the back of the wheels with your own logo, contact details and colour scheme as per the samples shown here for Lancashire and Rutland Councils. 

To find out more and get a full price list, please click here or use the ‘contact us’ link to email us and then discuss your needs further. Please note that the minimum order for 'customised' wheels is 100 copies. These smaller quantities will work out more individually than the individual retail price of £4.99 each. However the wheels can cost much less than the retail price of £4.99 for quantities of 1000 or more, so this is a great chance to get hold of these wheels with your own details on at a very good price. 

Use this column to view the options for purchasing your wheels now - either using online purchase for a speedy secure transaction or using our other options.

ONLINE: To buy individual copies of this wheel at £4.99 each, click on the 'add to cart' button below and then choose your quantity at the online checkout. 

Two Year Progress Check Development Wheel inc. FREE P&P

MULTI-BUY - Save up to 20%. Click here for details

To order a selection of publications online, you might find it easier to use the ONLINE PURCHASE - link below, which takes you to a page where all of the publications can be purchased together.  Either way, online purchase will mean a speedy despatch of your wheels/publications without the need for purchase orders or clearing payments. 

ONLINE PURCHASE - Click here to buy now (secure site)


Delivery/schedule notice: We will always try to meet your needs in every way we can, but  'customised wheels' can take at least four working weeks to produce following the approval of your artwork. This is due to the complex manufacturing process, part of which is done manually to construct the wheels. 

In busy periods (such as Feb - April during the government financial year end) and for large quantities, production can take longer. Please therefore build in plenty of time in your schedule of needs to ensure we can meet your  timescales
.  Sometimes we can get things done a bit quicker and we will always try, but the product is of a complex construction.