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Customised DevelopmentWheels™ (with your own logo on the back)

Use them to promote your organisation 

We can organise 'customised'/branded production for any of our standard sized wheels (and now in quantities as low as 100!) 

Should you be considering 'customised' copies of our SUPER-SIZE DevelopmentWheels™, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Customisation' and Pricing:

At a time when organisations are trying to ensure every penny goes further, these products offer the chance to save on the costs associated with the development and production of an information item like this, both in terms of time and money. They were developed by early years and parenting practitioners/healthcare professionals and they are available for immediate production with your logo on.

The back of any wheel can be customised with your logo and contact details. Due to the nature of production, it is recommended that a minimum of 2000 customised wheels are produced in order for them to be more cost effective (making them less than half the retail price of £4.99 each (exc. VAT), although smaller quantities can be produced (see right)

2000 wheels - £4960 (£2.48 each) + VAT 
Each additional 1000 wheels (over 2000) - £1470 (£1.47 each) per 1000 + VAT
If ordering 10,000 or more wheels - £1270
(£1.27 each)
per additional 1000 + VAT

For instance 10,000 wheels is £16,720 + VAT
(base price for 2000 copies plus £1470 per extra 1000)

All of the above costs for customised wheels e
xclude delivery charges. Please note that any quantity is available, not just those mentioned above.

We can organise a smaller order of 1000 wheels and these still work out much cheaper than the retail price of £4.99 (RRP), at £3.74 each, but VAT will be added giving a total of £3740 + VAT.

*NEW* Smaller orders (off the shelf or ‘customised’):  

Should you wish to get samples of our DevelopmentWheels or you would like to purchase a small quantity of any wheel, we currently have these in stock for only £4.99 each inc. FREE P&P and for immediate delivery. These ‘off the shelf’ wheels are identical in terms of design and content (but are just without logo’s). You can order these online if you click here

However, should you wish to have small quantities of ‘customised’ wheels (perhaps to promote your children’s centre or setting) we now have the capacity to produce these.
We have developed a reasonable pricing model for quantities as low as 100 wheels

Prices for small ‘customised’ quantities are as follows:

100 wheels - 
£899 (£8.99 each) + VAT

200 wheels - 
£1386 (£6.93 each) + VAT

300 wheels - 
£1827 (£6.09 each) + VAT

500 wheels - 
£2644 (£5.29 each) + VAT

Please note that all customised/branded wheels carry VAT. 

We can organise any small quantity from 100 upwards, not just those mentioned above.

  Please be aware that the above prices are now approximate and are shown for illustrative purposes due to the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit and the current pandemic. Please contact us to discuss your detailed requirements prior to ordering.
 Please note: This information relates to standard Development Wheels, not our Super-size range. 
        Prices correct at November 2019    

CONTACTING US - Click here to email us about your 'customised' DevelopmentWheels™

- For details about sample copies, please click here.

To buy samples now, click here for our online purchasing page.


The five samples shown above are branded wheels for Bournemouth Surestart Centres, Kids Unlimited Nurseries, Lancashire Council, Leicestershire Healthy Schools and Harrow Council Children's Centres