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  NEW - DEVELOPMENT WHEEL 'SETS' (save on the individual unit price)

As the portfolio of wheels continues to grow, it can be hard working out which ones might be right for you.
Some people choose to have a copy or copies of each wheel and some buy in bulk. Many organisations commission their own 'customised' copies with their logo and other details on, but for some of you, certain versions will met your needs. We have therefore put together some suggested sets of Development Wheels that you can purchase.

Of course you do not have to buy in sets and you can purchase whichever wheels you would like, but these 'set' options might help you decide what is best for you. Please note that some sets may change as we bring out more new versions of our Development Wheels.

Suggested Development Wheel 'SETS'

Currently we can offer you eleven different sets. All sets are now available to buy online.  Prices inc. P&P/delivery.

Total price inc. P&P - £95.50 (usual price if bought individually is over £114!)

This will give you every one of our current standard sized wheels. At the moment, that’s twenty three wheels in the set (more are being developed). They are: 0-5, Safety in the Home, EYFS Early Learning Goals, Outdoor Play, E Y Speech & Language, 2 year Progress Check, E Y Maths, E Y Reading, PND, EY Brain Development, 5-12 Years, the Teenage Years, Pre-birth/Antenatal (Pregnancy), the four Communications wheels covering 5 to 18 years (KS1 - KS4), School Readiness, Inclusion, SEND: Terms and Definitions, Guide to Gardening and the two Schemas Development Wheels




Please note: This set will change as more wheels are developed

All ages Parenting support set  (ref: SET2)
Total price inc. P&P - £18.00

Consists of the four age-related wheels that will cover you from conception through to adulthood. The four are Pre-birth (DW4), 0-5 (DW1), 5-12 (DW2) and the Teenage years (DW3).




Early Years Parenting set (ref: SET4)
Total price inc. P&P - £27.00

This is for five wheels. They are: 0-5 (DW1), Outdoor Play (DW12), E Y Speech & Language (DW5) E Y Brain Development (DW27), Safety in the Home (DW10) and the new Guide to Gardening ((DW15)



Early Years Practitioner set (ref: SET1)
Total price inc. P&P - £75.00

A big set this, comprising of the three SUPER-SIZE wheels covering the whole of Development Matters (SDW123) plus ten standard sized wheels. These are: 2 year Progress Check (DW11), E Y Speech & Language (DW5), Outdoor play (DW12), E Y Maths (DW8), Birth to Five (DW1), E Y Reading (DW9), E Y Brain Development (DW27), School Readiness (DW25), Understanding Schemas (DW21) and Supporting Schemas (DW22)




Development Matters/EYFS SUPPORT (ref: SET7)
Total price inc. P&P - £33.00

A set of three SUPER-SIZE wheels covering the whole of Development Matters

This is for the set of Practitioner SUPER-SIZE wheels covering ‘A Unique Child, Positive Relationships and Enabling Environments'. The whole of Development Matters on three wheels for £28 plus P&P




Childminder set (ref: SET3)
Total price inc. P&P - £18.50

Four wheels consisting of: Outdoor Play (DW12), E Y Speech & Language (DW5),  birth to five (DW1) and the 2012 EYFS Early Learning Goals (DW7).




Early Years Learning set (ref: SET 5)
Total price inc. P&P - £14.00

This set is for the 2 year Progress Check (DW11) plus E Y Maths (DW8), and E Y Reading (DW9)




Speech & Language Communications Development Wheels covering the Early Years, plus KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 (ref: Series 6)
Total price inc. P&P - £22.00

All five of our wheels to support Communication, speech and language from birth through to adulthood.




2 Year Progress Check Pack (ref: SET 8)
Total price inc. P&P - £11.00

This is for the 2-year Progress Check Wheel and the Health Review Resource that combine to support an integrated two year check




Early Years set (ref: SET 9)
Total price inc. P&P - £50.00

Comprises of twelve wheels. Birth to Five (DW1), Outdoor Play (DW12), E Y Speech & Language (DW5), 2012 EYFS Early Learning Goals (DW7), 2-Year Progress Check (DW11), E Y Maths (DW8), E Y Reading (DW9), Safety in the Home (DW10), E Y Brain Development (DW27), School Readiness (DW25), Understanding Schemas (DW21) and Supporting Schemas (DW22)



Early Years Health Practitioner Set to include the new PND Wheel - (Set 14)
Total price inc. P&P - £27.00

Five wheels and the health review resource, consisting of: Postnatal Health - PND (DW14), E Y Speech & Language (DW5), the 2 year Progress Check (DW11), 2 year Health Review Resource, the Brain Development (DW27) and the Pre-Birth/Antenatal Pregnancy wheel (DW4).




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