COVID 19 NOTICE - We are still taking online orders for delivery to the UK mainland and these will be despatched in line with our delivery times.
Are you outside the UK mainland?
 If you are making an order from highlands & islands, Northern Ireland, Ireland or from overseas (outside the UK mainland) please click here before ordering


Shipping outside the UK mainland
COVID-19 NOTICE. Due to the current pandemic and possible customs issues, there could be a delay in shipments to outside of the UK mainland and to overseas destinations. Therefore if you are wanting to purchase from outside of the UK mainland,

The online purchase prices given on this website include shipping to the UK mainland
Depending upon your order, we may need to use a different service (such as 2nd class post) or we may have to ask for additional fees for delivery to other destinations such as Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland and Ireland. This is if your delivery cannot be sent using an applicable UK Royal Mail service and whereby your order size and/or weight exceeds the new standard royal mail pricing for letters and large letters. We will advise you prior to delivery if this is the case.

Overseas purchasing
We do also ship to customers outside the UK, both in Europe and the United States
However, due to the current pandemic and possible customs issues from the UK, there could be a delay in shipments to overseas destinations.
Therefore if you are wanting to purchase from outside of the UK mainland,

 All of our costs include delivery to the UK mainland. If you are purchasing from outside the UK, there will of course be additional shipping and administration costs and the table below is designed to give you an idea of the overseas shipping costs involved. Because of this, it is better if we charge you for the full cost of your publications, including the overseas shipping costs, in one invoice, as this will be cheaper for you with less administration and PayPal fees required. 
Therefore please CONTACT US PRIOR TO ORDERING so that we can set this up with you.

Should you choose to pay for your publications online now, please note that this will be more expensive than if you contact us prior to ordering, as your order will need to include additional invoices and administration for the transaction or it may have to be cancelled. Should you still choose to order online prior to contacting us, we will need to invoice you for these additional costs prior to despatch. Alternatively, it may mean we have to cancel your initial order completely and return your payment, less any transaction fees or currency charges that we have incurred.
Therefore we urge you to contact us prior to placing an order from outside the UK.

A list of approximate extra costs for overseas purchasers are shown below and
by contacting us first and ordering in this way, you can see the full cost before you pay.  Simply contact us with your details and what you would like to order. We will then send you a single invoice for the total cost (including all additional shipping and administration costs). You can then pay our invoice via PayPal (using either a PayPal account or a debit/credit card) and we will then send your order once your payment is cleared. 




Up to 100 grams

Up to 250 grams

Up to 500 grams

Over 500 grams cost per extra 250 grams

Larger parcels over 2kg




£7.65 + £2.00 per 250 grams

Please ask for prior quotation


£7.50 (can depend on exact weight)


£10.50 + £3.00 per 250 grams

Please ask for prior quotation


Prices are approximate as at April 2019

DELIVERY NOTICE - please read
The costs above are for sending from the UK using International standard mail (airmail). We will get proof of sending from our UK end, but this service is not tracked and we can therefore not guarantee delivery at the end destination in your country.
For a fully tracked (door to door) service, we can send to you using a tracked service with additional insurance and we would recommend this to guarantee delivery - especially for larger orders.
Please advise us when ordering if you would like to use a 'tracked' service.
The additional cost for a tracked service is changing regularly and it also depends upon the size, value and location we are sending to. It can be anything from an additional £6 upwards and we can give you an accurate price if you contact us prior to ordering. Please note the tracked service prices are in addition to the above costs.
Please note that all of the above costs are the approximate additional (extra) amounts that we will add to the cost of your order, depending upon the final weight being shipped and the method used.

Example: For instance: three Development Wheels™ at £4.99 each (weighing approx 230 grams including packaging) would be £14.97 (3 x £4.99) + £5.80 extra to Europe (based on three wheels weighing less than 250 grams). Total approximate cost = £20.77. Note that as this is a small order, the example uses International Standard mail with no tracking or compensation - just proof of sending from the UK. If this was a tracked service it might be around £26.77 including the extra £6 for a tracked service.

We hope that this gives you a good idea of the extra costs involved for us to ship our products to you from the UK.

Please click here to go back to the purchasing page if you would like to order now or view the costs for your publications.

Please click here to contact us and supply us with details of what you would like to order via email.

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