Postnatal Depression (PND) DevelopmentWheel™                   

 REF: DW14

A Guide to Postnatal Depression (PND) in Mothers and Fathers

This Development Wheel was written by Sharin Baldwin and Patricia Kelly from the London North West Health Visiting Clinical Academic Hub.
It is supported by the Institute of Health Visiting (IHV) who also assisted the authors in the pre-production research and evaluation of the content.

This Development Wheel is the same size as all of our standard sized wheel at 230mm in diameter. However it is a little different in that has has information for mothers on one side and for fathers on the other. Around one in seven mothers and one in ten fathers can suffer from Postnatal Depression (PND) after the birth of a child and this wheel has been developed to support Health Visitors and other practitioners to offer guidance and help to parents.
It is also a very useful tool for parents to refer to themselves.

The content covers areas such as:
-'What is Postnatal Depression?'
-‘How Postnatal Depression (PND) can affect parents’
-‘Triggers of PND’
-‘How PND can affect the baby’
-‘Self-help measures to improve Emotional Wellbeing’
-'What to do if you think you have PND'
-'The signs and symptoms'
-'How PND can affect mothers and fathers'

Sharin Baldwin, co-author of the new PND wheel with Assistant Director of Public Health England, Joanne Bosanquet MBE, at a recent Quality Nursing conference launching the new PND wheel. The wheel is also supported by the Institute of Health Visitors (IHV)


Supported by the Institute of Health Visiting (IHV)



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SIDE 1 - Mothers

SIDE 2 - Fathers


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