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  Sample copies and how to purchase

Sample copies

We understand that you might like to see copies before making a large order and we are regularly asked if we can issue free sample/preview copies of our publications - and especially our Development Wheels™.

We used to be able to do this for free, but as the requests became more frequent  (sometimes over 100 a month!) and with increasing production costs and higher postage costs, we had to review this practice, as it was becoming a major overhead for us and we still wanted to still keep our prices as low as possible.

So, following our review, we have now facilitated the ‘online purchase’ of sample copies of our Development Wheels™ and other publications through this website. This means that you can purchase individual samples of our 'off-the-shelf' stock, so that you can then see them before you commit to either a larger order or prior to commissioning your very own 'customised/branded copies.
Further details about commissioning 'customised' copies are available on this website, if you click here.

Ordering samples
Please see
Option 1 below about Online purchase of your samples, or use the range/titles link at the top of this web-page to search the site for more information about our publications/Development Wheels prior to placing an order. Alternatively you can purchase samples by issuing us with a local authority purchase order (see Option 2 below).

Refunds on samples and placing an order
If after viewing your samples, you wish to make a purchase or order ‘customised’ publications/Development Wheels, we have a sliding scale of refunds and/or discounts based on what samples you have bought and what you would then like to order from us.

Images of our publications
We also get requests
about supplying images of our publications/Development Wheels in order to view actual content, but I'm afraid that, due to copyright © reasons and the nature of the production of our wheels with the authors who write them, we cannot send out images of the full content of our publications. It is the same copyright rules as any other books/publications that you might purchase from bookshops or online at such places as Amazon and is part of any publishing agreement for publications/books and of course our Development Wheels. It's another reason why we have facilitated online purchasing of sample stock items.

Thank you for your understanding in this instance. We hope that the cost of samples does not put off your interest in our wheels and we look forward to being of further service to you soon.

There are three ways to order your sample publications:

1. Online purchase.

Probably the quickest way to order your publications is online using your credit/debit card. Once you have ordered, we will get notification that your payment has cleared and we can despatch your order. The online purchase area also shows the prices you pay for each publication and updates your order until you 'checkout' to finalise your purchases. Please note that we can send an invoice with your order, so that you have the paperwork to 'claim back' the cost of your publications.

2. With an official local authority or public sector purchase order.

If you require various publications or a larger quantity of some publications and you operate a purchase order system, then this might be the best way for you to place your order. Please see our pricing page prior to placing your purchase order with us.

On receipt of your order we will dispatch your publications and send you an invoice. Please note our terms of business are for payment within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Purchase orders should be made out to 'KMMD' or 'K M Marketing & Development Ltd' please. We are already registered with over 100 local authorities, so we might already be on your database of suppliers. If not, then please contact us for full supplier details.
Email your
Purchase Orders to us at:

3. Pro-forma Invoice and pre-payment.

If you do not want to buy online and you do not operate an official purchase order system, then please contact us by email to make arrangements to place an order. It would help if your email can contain details of what you would like to purchase.

Once we can finalise your order, we will then send you an invoice for payment. Once we receive cleared funds we will dispatch your order. Details for payment will be on our invoice.

Please note: We cannot dispatch Development Wheels and other publications without cleared payment - either online using option 1, or through pre-payment in option 3.

We can also dispatch quickly on receipt of an official local authority purchase order (option 2). We thank you for your understanding in this regard.

4. Customised production with your logo on.

We'll work with you to have your logo/s and contact details put on the artwork of your chosen materials and then, on your approval, your very own 'customised' publications will be produced and delivered to you - saving you both the time and the costs normally associated with the production of new materials. 
Click here for more info.

  To contact us, email us at: