This unique format of DevelopmentWheels™ are produced using a partnership approach that ensures the quality of the information and help offered on the wheels. By having fantastic authors, professionals and practitioners to write the text and great publishers to design, produce and market them, you can be sure of the content. They can be purchased online now or you can commission your own copies in bulk with your logo on.

KMMD produce and publish the publications under licence and in partnership with specialist authors, early years/childcare teams, NHS and other healthcare specialists, education professionals and other sector based organisations. 

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All of our DevelopmentWheels™ are produced with specialist practitioners and authors through either The Developmental Resources Publishing Partnership (DevRPP) or The Early Years and Childcare Publishing Partnership - EYCPP (for the wheels we produce to support young children) - click here to go to the EYCPP partnership website for more details.

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