Take a look at what people are saying about DevelopmentWheels™

"I was involved in the development of the very first Development Wheel with another authority and it's fantastic to see how they have developed. We use them a lot here now and have had several versions branded for our own use"
Wendy Beeton-Townshend, Bedford Borough Council

"The Schema Development Wheels are proving extremely popular across the sector because of the innovative way in which the high quality content is represented, making them accessible, tactile and extremely useful"
Threads to Success, Kent County Council

"Practical learning resources such as 'Development Wheels' help parents develop a good understanding of how they can support their children's development"
Taken from an Ofsted inspection report from a Children's Centre hub using Development Wheels

"As a Childminder, one of my favourite things, which works well for myself and other childminder groups, is the brilliant Development Wheels"
Ann Ross - Award winning accredited childminder and Childminder of the Year

"These have gone down very well in Coventry, please could we order another batch"
Jane Moffat, Coventry City Council on their orders for 'customised' (branded) Communications Development Wheels

"Excellent learning resources such as Development Wheels use pictures and words to help families learn about topics such as 'sleep' and 'home safety'.
Taken from a London Borough's Ofsted Inspection Report

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