Schemas DevelopmentWheels™                                                REF: DW21 and DW22

A set of two guides covering Schemas. One explains schemas in our 'Understanding Schemas' wheel, whilst the other offers ideas and support through our 'Supporting Schemas' wheel    

Following many requests for a schemas resource, we have now developed these two new wheels. They have been written by Schemas specialist Stella Nalini and outdoor play specialist and early years activity trainer Gail Ryder Richardson. 

The first of these two early years wheels is 'A Guide to Understanding Schemas' and starts off by explaining what they are and why schemas are so important. The wheel has eight other sections on each side covering the following areas; Trajectory, Transporting, Connecting, On top, Scattering, Rotation, Enclosing and Enveloping. Under these headings, one side of the wheel describes how a child might be recognised as having a pre-dominant position towards some of these areas more than others, whilst the other side focuses on the potential learning for each area.

The second wheel is 'A Guide to Supporting Schemas' and offers ideas and suggestions for noticing and supporting schematic patterns of play and behaviour. Again using the eight areas used in the Understanding wheel, one side of the wheel suggests activities that can be done inside the home or learning environment, whilst the other side focuses on the outdoors. A number of the ideas and suggestions can also be used in both environments.

Like all of our other Development Wheels,  these wheels can be 'customised' by commissioning your own copies with your logo and contact details on the back of the wheel.

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Understanding Schemas - ref: DW21

Supporting Schemas - ref: DW22



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