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Development Wheels™ are a unique, popular resource, which were designed to offer information, ideas and guidance in an easily understood and accessible format.
Since we produced the first wheel back in 2010, the portfolio of wheels continues to expand and the range of wheels now also offer support on a variety of subjects to early years practitioners, teachers, health visitors, childminders, family support agencies, NHS and other health professionals, parents and carers.

There are now 26 different Development Wheels within the series, covering such areas as: Communication, Parent Support, Early Years Maths & English, and our new Postnatal Health (PND) wheel. Go to our main Development Wheels page to view them all by clicking here

These very popular and unique full-colour wheels have been developed so that they twist around to reveal the section you need at any one time. They are a form of 'circular book' that is easy to use and avoids the need to flick through the contents of a normal book to find the page you require. They have information on both sides of each section and have been developed with the aid and input of specialist practitioners and authors.

Our standard sized Development Wheels™ are easy to carry around and use. It is the inner part of the ‘wheel’ is rotated to reveal the section you need to view, with information shown through both sides of the ‘cut-out’ window on the front and back of each wheel. They are about 230mm diameter, and are laminated to last longer.

The wheels are written by practitioners, authors and specialists in their field. This ensures the quality of the content to meet the needs of not only parents/carers but also practitioners, teachers, health visitors, childminders, students – in fact anyone working in early years, education, child development and family/health support.

Our NEW super-size Practitioner DevelopmentWheels™ are much larger at 440mm diameter. These can hold a lot more specialist detailed information to support practitioners and other professionals within an organisation, setting or group. Click here for more info...