KMMD (Publishing) is part of K M Marketing & Development Ltd (KMMD). 

KMMD has been working in partnership with local authorities and other organisations within the early years, childcare, family support, health and education sectors since 1999. 

SERVICE - We support our clients by offering a range of marketing and communications training services that are tailored to help meet their needs and targets. As part of our work we develop publications, and its from here that we started to develop our approach to 'customised' publications..... click here for more info.....'s also how the Development Wheels concept first started.

PARTNERSHIP - Our 'customised' publications/resources are very much a partnership approach that is about doing something different to produce unique publications for the early years, childcare, health, education and family support sectors. The partnership ensures these resources are easy to use and made available at the cheapest possible cost in order to support these sectors and the dedicated people who work within them. For this reason, resources such as the Development Wheels concept and brand are protected under copyright©, trademarks™ and patents in order to enable the partnership to continue their work in this way.

Working with qualified professionals, authors and practitioners, we produce our publications with a partner organisation/author/client. All our partners become part of the
Developmental Resources Publishing Partnership, developed as an umbrella organisation for the production of new publications/resources. To find out more about the partnership, click here

Once produced, the new publications/resources are then available for purchase and for other organisations/authorities to commission their own 'branded' copies.

SAVINGS - Given the current economic situation, this approach enables other authorities and organisations to commission publications for their own use without the time and costs associated with the production of new, but perhaps very similar publications. 

BENEFITS - This 'sharing of good practice' then brings benefits to all parties - royalties for the partner organisation that we produce the publication with, savings for the organisation commissioning their own branded copies of a publication, and of course possible new project work for us! 

- Most of the publications are also available to purchase without branding, either individually or in smaller quantities through this website.

BRANDS and COPYRIGHT - All of our publications and resources are protected through UK law following production. Brands such as our Development Wheels and Developmentors are protected under copyright©, trademarks™ and patents in order to enable the partnership to continue their work in this way.





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Half day fun workshops - tailored to meet the needs of your staff and/or provider network. Provided by registered members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
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