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This unique format of DevelopmentWheels™ are produced using a partnership approach that ensures the quality of the information and help offered on the wheels. By having fantastic authors, professionals and practitioners to write the text and great publishers to design and produce them, you can be sure of the content. They can be purchased online now or you can commission your own copies in bulk with your logo on.

NOW OUT - three new Development Wheels™ produced with the Education People on School Readiness, Inclusion and SEND (Terms & Definitions).
Other recent new Development Wheels are: Early Years Brain Development
and a new A Guide to Gardening

For ease of use, all DevelopmentWheels™ are split into sections to reveal the information you need through a 'window' in the front and back of the wheel. Our standard wheels are easy to use (measuring about 230mm wide) and you just 'twist' the inner wheel round to reveal the section you want to refer to through the window at the top. At the moment there are 23 different standard sized Development Wheels in the range, with further titles in development. We also have our three larger super-size practitioner Development Wheels based on Development Matters.


A set of three large format DevelopmentWheels™ containing everything
you need on the  2012 EYFS from Development Matters. 

Each one is based around one of the principles and themes
of the new EYFS. Buy them individually or as a set of three



A Unique Child 
(ref SDW1)

Positive Relationships 
(ref SDW2)

Enabling Environments 
(ref SDW3)


Note: the DfE have now confirmed that Development  Matters is here to stay (Nov 2013)

in the series

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Two new Early Years Schema Development Wheels. Click HERE for info 

DevelopmentWheels™ are produced under copyright© and in partnership
with early years practitioners, health and education professionals and other specialist authors.

There are currently twenty three titles in our standard size range and these can be bought individually or in small quantities from stock.

We also produce 'customised' copies in bulk with your logo on


OTHER  WHEELS (now out) - Postnatal Health (PND). Schema Series (two wheels). Five Communications wheels from early years through toKS4.  Early Years Reading & Maths
...others include: Pregnancy/Antenatal, School Readiness, Inclusion, SEND, Birth to Five Parenting, Two-Year Progress Check ... click here for the full range

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New publications are being developed on a regular basis, so please bookmark this site so that you can easily return to visit us.

All of our DevelopmentWheels™ are produced with specialist practitioners and authors through either The Developmental Resources Publishing Partnership (DevRPP) - click here for more info or The Early Years and Childcare Publishing Partnership - EYCPP (for the wheels we produce to support young children) - click here to go to the EYCPP partnership website for more details.

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