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KMMD Publishing also produce other publications and materials for the early years and childcare sector and you can use any of the links above to access a site and get further information on these.

For organisations, many of these other publications can also be 'customised'

They include our range of Early Years Developmentors™, covering subjects such as Toilet Learning, Behaviour, Sleeping Easy, Oral Care and Feeding Toddlers (see below).

There are also our Childminder Support Packs, Children's Centre Quality Toolkits and Foundation Stage Development Packs.

Integrated two-year Review

We also have our Two-Year Health Review Practitioners Resource. This works well with our Two-Year Progress Check Development Wheel when conducting an integrated review.

For details of this and each of our other publications, please click here

Early Years Developmentors


Our Developmentors™ follow a group of themed characters who offer information in a fun and friendly way. They come in a range of different resources covering lots of early years subjects. So for instance we have 'Smiley Bright' who offers advice on Oral Care using a freestanding 'mirrored' resource and 'Yumifru' who takes us through Feeding Toddlers on an A4 sized plastic place mat. Other resources include one on Behaviour where 'Wandi' covers this subject bon a Play-mat.

Click here for more info on our Early Years Developmentors



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New publications are being developed on a regular basis, so please bookmark this site so that you can easily return to visit us.

All of our DevelopmentWheels™ are produced with specialist practitioners and authors through either The Developmental Resources Publishing Partnership (DevRPP) or The Early Years and Childcare Publishing Partnership - EYCPP (for the wheels we produce to support young children) - click here to go to the EYCPP partnership website for more details.

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